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Welcome to AreWeRelated.net, home of the AWR Network. The main focus of this site is the research of the Dover, Logwood, Parrish and Whitaker surnames, however there are many others represented. Years of study and multiple contacts have allowed connections to be made across the country. Here I have compiled my research and that of other contributors. There is a lot to see and as more is uncovered this web site will be updated.
AreWeRelated.net would not be a reality except for the contributions of family members, near and far, who have spent countless hours digging into the past. Thank you all for your hard work! For a complete list of contributors CLICK HERE!

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AWR is in the final design stages. Please note that some links may not lead anywhere. I am aware of this and I am currently working to complete those pages ASAP. I have loaded this "beta version" of AWR for my own testing and so others I have asked to view this site can do so and give me feedback. Soon the entire site will be complete. AWR has been optimized for use with the Internet Explorer Browser!

There is a lot to see and do here at AWR! To begin you can click HERE to view a larger copy of the picture above that identifies each person. Directly above are universal links that will appear on every page and to the right is a listing of "Related Pages" that will appear on most pages however it may be in a different form (explain in more detail).

Please help me make AWR the most accurate collection possible! If you have missing or new information for anyone in this database Click HERE to use the Online Family Group Record to send it right away! Maybe they're not yet in this database; great send that info too!!

Proof of Pleasant Parrish's Father! Is it Meredith? If not, who is the Meredith living with him on the 1860 census?

I am in search of pictures
of Dover, Logwood, Parrish, and Whitaker ancestors! If you know of any - please contact me ASAP!!!

Join me in honoring our Ancestors and living relatives who have served our in the military by visiting the Hall of Honor! Please let me know right away of any others who should be recognized!

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